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     Jenny moved to Los Angeles, California as a child with her parents, via Cleveland, OH, and attended elementary school, junior high, and then Hamilton High School in Los Angeles.  She enrolled at UCLA for undergraduate studies, where she graduated with a B.A., and then went on to Loyola University School of Law in Los Angeles, where she graduated with a J.D. degree.


     She passed the bar exam in California and was admitted to practice in the state and District Court of California for the Central District in 1971.


     She married another Midwesterner, a General Medical Officer in the USARMY and moved with him to his assignment in Massachusetts.  She passed the bar exam in Massachusetts, and was admitted to practice in the Commonwealth and District Court for Massachusetts in 1972.



VA Regional Counsel Office, Los Angeles


     After her husband had completed his military assignments as a Major, USARMY, he returned to California where he completed his residency, first at the VA Hospital and then at UCLA Medical Center.


     Jenny was selected by District Counsel Gordon E. Wilde and Assistant District Counsel Marty Martone of the VA Office of District Counsel in Los Angeles as the first woman attorney in the Los Angeles Office, and one of the first women attorneys selected by the VA in its District Counsel Offices nationally.


     In addition to addressing issues pertaining to veterans involving educational benefits, compensation and pension, entitlement, guardianship, and multi varied concerns, Jenny was assigned and ultimately focused primarily on the area of medical malpractice claims through the mechanism of the Federal Tort Claims Act.


     She spent the majority of her tenure at VA in investigating, negotiating, and interfacing with the VA Hospital Staffs, with the VA General Counsel, and with the Department of Justice with its Assistant US Attorneys, in addressing the administrative tort claims involving primarily medical malpractice of the VA Hospitals and Clinic.



Private Practice


     After 10 years as a Staff Attorney with the VA Office of District Counsel, Jenny moved into the private sector, opening her own law office, which focused on the area of veterans and military families and their concerns about health care via the Federal Tort Claims Act.


     Jenny has been the "go to" person where the case involves serious injuries and complex medical issues.  Her breadth of experience is indicated in the partial listing of Representative Cases she has prosecuted involving VA Malpractice, Military Malpractice (including Navy Malpractice, Army Malpractice, Army Negligence, Government Malpractice, and Government Negligence).


     Jenny has been admitted to Federal Courts throughout California, and pro hac vice, in District Courts around the United States, where she has successfully intervened and represented veterans and military families in medical malpractice cases with cocounsel in Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, North Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, and other venues.


     She has filed and successfully represented clients in Military Claims Act cases where litigation is not allowed, but where skill and acumen are needed to elicit a positive outcome in cases involving medical malpractice by the USARMY, USNAVY, USAF, US Coast Guard, et cetera.  These cases involve negligence at an overseas base or clinic, and Jenny has recovered settlements for clients for events in Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea, et cetera.



Professional Memberships and Affiliations


     Jenny is a member of NOVA, National Organization of Veterans Advocates, an organization of attorneys and other professionals who focus on the concerns of veterans and military families and dependents.  She has been admitted to COVA, Court of Veterans Appeals, and while she does not handle cases involving VA entitlement, compensation and pension, she attends educational seminars and shows her continued support for such issues.


    Jenny has been the "go to" person where the case involves serious injuries and complex medical issues.

     Jenny specializes in cases involving Federal Tort Claims Act cases related to VA malpractice and Military Claims Act related to Military Malpractice claims.

       For further details, see Representative Cases.


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